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DakamaStone is completely handmade. Variations in temperature and humidity and exposition to atmospheric agents may cause changes in stone colors. We suggest to buy all the material in a single time, otherwise we can’t assume any responsibility for color variations.

The client must check quality and quantity of the goods at the moment of the receipt. Any fault in packages must be noticed in the transport document and must be signed by the shipper. Any denunciation for damages must be sent to the shipper, since the integrity of the goods is guaranteed at the time of the collection.

Any fault or defect must be noticed in writing to the seller within 8 days from the delivery. In this case the materials must not be used. The products will remain the property of the seller until total payment of the price by the client.

Do not lay on:

  • Plasters worn out by time or humidity
  • Walls with layers of paint or form release agents
  • Absorbent walls, with unsuitable mastic or without prior dampening
  • Fine grout or dusty surfaces
  • Piling with temperatures lower than 0 C or higher than 25 C
  • Do not cover expansion joints with stone
  • Base should be plastered to carry 50kg weight of lining
  • Plaster in joints should be kneaded as mature plaster
  • Do not handle with acids
  • If the stone is stained with glue, act immediately with a sponge and water.
  • Do not clean with high-pressure water jets
  • Laying always with horizontal longer side
  • For laying directly on brick, prepare a base with special premixed in order to avoid water seepage
  • Box contents are based on installation with a 1 – 1,5 cm joint, with a +/- 5% tolerance


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Dakama Stone Sp z o.o

Head Office and Production:
ul Rybnicka
47-430 Rudy
woj. śląskie.

Customer service:
tel.: 32/4104819
kom.: 720 808 070
Fax: 32/4418988

You can also contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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